The BEATUNES bring together four of So.Cal’s top musicians - solely to honor and play as faithfully to the recordings as possible - the timeless and spirit-lifting music of The Beatles. The BEATUNES continue to increase their repertoire and precision in replicating the sound of The Beatles. From the early "Fab Four" days to the final recordings, band members constantly search for new ways to bring more realism to the sound; every sound you hear at a BEATUNES concert is played live by the band.


The BEATUNES revel in playing the greatest music ever written to an audience ranging from age 5 to 105. There’s some kind of Magic in the air, and in The Music.

No tracks. No wigs. No costumes.


Simply enjoy the timeless music of the band that rocked history.


For music that transcends the generations, join us for The Beatles respectfully right. 

The Band

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4093 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91602

Thu, Jul 21

7:30 - Mid

$20 door

UB&G owners have a deep passion for music. "It’s like oxygen for us, and we find it hard to breathe without it."

...You aren’t walking into just another restaurant. You are entering a music and dining experience in North Hollywood that has been delivering memorable entertainment for over five decades."

3645 Foothill Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91214

Fri, Jul 29

7:30 - Mid

$20 door

Join us at a The Roar Room! A "quaint and charming dive bar nestled away on Foothill Blvd, where the beer is cheap and lights are low. Friendly bartenders and 10 beers on tap." Live music tops it off!

Orange County Great Park
6950 Marine Way 
Irvine, CA 92618

Sat, Oct 8

Time TBD

Free to the Public!

This all-day event features more than 100 performances representing cultures from around the world; international cuisine; kids' crafts and activities; cultural and religious exhibits; and an international marketplace. 

It's a blast! C'mon over and spend the day!

BEATUNES @ Universal Bar & Grill July 21 7:30-Mid


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The Beatunes Beatles Tribute Band

"Love these guys' sound. Speaking as a musician and lifelong Beatles fan, I have stayed away from all the 'costumed' look-alike Beatles cover bands because they just appear cartoonish. But today I was introduced to the SOUND of The Beatunes.


"For a moment in time I was able to close my eyes and pretend I was listening to John, Paul, George and Ringo. I was brought to tears as they played 'Here Comes the Sun' just as the clouds parted and rays of light broke thru illuminating the event. Seems the universe and I agree, The Beatunes have the sound and soul to bring light into the dark. I'll tell my whole FB world "if you want to rock out, remember when Love was all you need and Life was just copacetic...GO SEE THESE GUYS. You will feel better. These musicians are the closest you will ever get to experiencing the sound of our beloved 'boys from Liverpool.' 


"Don't miss out on the feeling."


Love and Peace, hippie style...- JC 

Beatunes at the Roar Room July 29th

"Lend Me Your Ears..."

Mix - The Beatunes

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