Taking the stage...

Matt Garrett

(drums, percussion, vocals)

Matt Garrett

Matt is an award-winning drummer/percussionist who started drums when he was 7, inspired by big band phenom Buddy Rich and Peter Criss of KISS. He loves all styles of music, but favors that of the ‘70s, and is partial to Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Death Metal music.


Matt always thought The Beatles were great, and always having a true appreciation for them, but before joining The BEATUNES he never owned any of their CDs. AND - get your guns ready… he’d never really thought of Ringo as being a great drummer. However, that has all changed since joining The BEATUNES. Learning to play The Beatles’ music has been a challenge that Matt has met with extraordinary accuracy and speed (after all, Matt ranks 18th on the World’s Fastest Drummer Rankings, winning the NAAM International 2005 Music Edge World's Fastest Drummer "Battle of the Feet" competition).


Matt now admits his realization that Ringo was, and is, in fact, an incredibly “musical” drummer… "more than just a great drummer, and The Beatles were geniuses!"

Dale LaDuke

(keyboards, guitars, vocals)

Dale is an award-winning L.A. based singer/songwriter, but is also in demand as a teacher ever since arriving in Los Angeles. He is quite skilled in guitar, bass, keyboards/piano, harmonica, accordion and trumpet.


Dale is a founding member of the Americana/Celtic group Kaedmon; their CD My Love was a 2009 "top pick" by Music Connection Magazine, and was a founder of the popular So Cal country band Five Wheel Drive, who in 2000 was a top-five finalist (and only country band) in Yahoo’s Best Unsigned Band contest… and the only group to have songs in 6 of the top 10 slots in the Country Division of MP3.com that same year! As a solo artist he was a finalist at the 2010 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, 2009 Independent Singer/Songwriter Awards, 2008 LA Music Awards and 4th place winner in the 2006 Unisong Song Contest. In 2013, “De Los Angeles,” from his CD Lone Ranger, was 46th in the IFF WorldFest Houston and won the Platinum Remi Award.

A Beatles fan since childhood, Dale is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful and challenging project. His amazing keyboard/guitar acumen and vocal power are crucial to the ability of The BEATUNES to reproduce The Beatles as a live act, bringing all the keyboards, horns, and orchestrations to life in real-time.

Dale LaDuke

Tim Piper

(bass, vocals)

Multi-faceted, musician, actor and songwriter Tim Piper has traveled the world performing music made famous by The Beatles. From his early teen years in Southern California, Piper played in numerous original and Top 40 'cover' bands, while honing is skills as a guitarist, bass player, singer and songwriter.

In addition to being a member of various Beatles tribute bands, including performing with Revolution, Rain, and others, Piper has distinguished himself with roles in the CBS production “The Linda McCartney Story” - E! Channel's production of the “Last Days of John Lennon”  and ”Beatle Wives,” and  the singing voice of John Lennon for the NBC TV Movie of the Week, "In His Life -The John Lennon Story."

He also has performed in his critically acclaimed Lennon biopic, “Just Imagine” which has played around the world since 2009.


He discovered The BEATUNES a few years back - and being a fan - was thrilled with the opportunity to join ranks with the kindred spirits sharing the joy of playing the music so inspirational to all.

Tim Piper


Berington Van Campen


(lead guitars, vocals)

A 50+ year veteran of guitar, Berington began playing guitar and songwriting at age 12, playing both solo and ensemble in venues from clubs to major festivals, and became a frequent performer on local TV shows. He plays various 6- and 12-string guitars, bass, Mellotron, piano/keyboards and sings. "After seeing The Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles ruined my future medical career."


Since 1977, Berington has enjoyed a career in music scoring for feature films, TV & award-winning documentaries, including the USOC’s Official Films of the Summer (LA) and Winter (Sarajevo) Olympic Games; several series for Paramount, ABC, The Discovery Channel, Showtime, Lifetime, A&E, PBS, the Crystal Cathedral; films for Bill Burrud Productions, Saul Bass, Chrysler Corp and numerous others; commercials/corporate logo themes for Nissan, General Foods, AT&T and more; and was elected into the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences.


Featured on many recordings as producer and/or session artist, he’s currently recording a new CD of his own unique music, and teaches guitar and bass. The BEATUNES are, in many ways, a joyful homecoming to the music that got him started.

Berington Van Campen

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