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Beatles Beatunes Tribute Band

Beautiful watercolor painting of The Beatunes by fan friend Evelyn Turner

Mt Baldy Ski Lodge

Robby Ellingson, General Manager

"The Beatunes performance Saturday night was nothing short of spectacular! If you missed the show be sure and check these guys out!"



The Coffee Gallery Backstage

Bob Stane, Founder/Owner

"This show is a dead-on tribute to The Beatles. Has to be one of the best - if not the best - in America. Always sells out."

Stardust Concerts

Jaynee Thorne, Owner

"Stardust Concerts has had the pleasure of having the great Beatles cover band "The Beatunes" play on several occasions. They have always sold out my venue and have never failed to thrill my audience… keeping them dancing and singing throughout the night!


"Their material covers the entire Beatles recording spectrum, from the early Fab Four songs to Abbey Road, including the obscure songs that true Beatle fans all know by heart.


"Their musicianship and vocals are representative of the Beatle performances… which endear the band to its fans even more. They have always been professional to deal with, and we look forward to their next shows at Stardust…


"I recommend them highly to any venue that wants to have a growing and happy, satisfied audience."




Studio City 4th of July Street Fair

Kirsten Chandler, Organizer


"You were SO great last year… absolutely tremendous. All our family and friends LOVED you. My high school boyfriend introduced me to the Beatles when I was 17, and I quickly became an aficionado of sorts. I’ve heard many Beatles cover bands over the years, and you are by far the BEST I’ve heard!"




The Flame

A News Publication UUSM


We Love You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

by Lucy Bates

Members and Friends Rock to The Beatunes


Did The Beatles really sound that good? I actually considered that blasphemy as The Beatunes, a Beatles tribute band, took 150+ enthusiastic audience members on a musical odyssey May 7th...The concert succeeded in thoroughly entertaining and

energizing attendees from 6 to 86...


A photo banner of the Fab Four from their earliest days of stardom decorated the stage. To think those young men helped define an era! The concert took some of us back in time and introduced others to the historic rock group’s varied compositions and timeless lyrics. Berington Van Campen on lead guitar, Dale LaDuke on keyboard and guitar, Michael Bradley on bass, and Matt Garrett on drums played Beatles standards but excelled at and seemed to relish tackling the more challenging pieces from the Beatles’ later albums.


The Beatunes were good! They captured the essence of the mop-top’s recordings without mimicking their voices. The harmonies and melodies were played and sung just as the Beatles wrote them, yet the sound was unique, a singular expression of the artists who stood before us. Add to the mix sing-a-long tolerance, high spirits and room to dance. So dance we did!


One departing guest summed it up, “There was a lot of joy in the room.”

The Ebell of Los Angeles

Shirlee Taylor Haizlip, President


"The Beatunes gave a five-star, magnificent, jaw-dropping performance of most of their repertoire at the highly-attended annual Christmas Ball of the Ebell of Los Angeles… People are still talking about it and want to know when they will return.


"In addition to the excellence of their presentation, their professionalism and the refreshing 'no drama' factor of dealing with them, their entertainment quotient was off the charts. They engaged, charmed and dazzled the audience. Folks automatically got up and danced their hearts out while the music was playing. And everyone went to dinner with a smile of utter satisfaction on their faces. Most importantly, they appealed across the Board to the three generations who were in attendance.


"There is no doubt that we will invite The Beatunes back again, many times. Those who hear them are indeed fortunate."



Needs and Wants

A News Publication of Theta Media Group


Dinner and a Band

by Randy Tobin


I’ve been wanting to see the Beatunes for quite some time but there was always a scheduling conflict. But when I received an e-mail about a...Friday night performance, I booked it in and Cyndie & I, along with a few invited guests, trekked to Tujunga to catch this very special group that plays, you guessed it... Beatles songs (and only Beatles songs)!


The Beatunes aren’t trying to be a tribute band, i.e., they don’t look like any of the Beatles, they don’t dress like the Beatles, etc. But they sure sound like the Beatles and that’s what matters in the end!


There are four extraordinary musicians and singers in the Beatunes: Dale LaDuke (Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals), Berington Van Campen (Lead Guitars, Vocals), Michael Bradley (Bass, Vocals) and Matt Garrett (Drums, Percussion, Vocals). All of these players lead other musical lives outside of The Beatunes, and can be seen in other bands and as solo performers.


The Beatunes play a diverse selection of the amazing Beatles catalog, and it was refreshing to hear songs performed that I’d not heard other Beatles tribute bands do.


Check the page for upcoming gigs in your area.


Highly Recommended! (4 Stars)




The Fox and Hounds

Doug Milton, Owner/Manager


"The Beatunes are fantastic! They play lively sets and bring great fans with them. We've been booking them for years and are always very happy with their performance. Great band. Great tunes. Great time.




Sal Gomez, Photographer

Mid-Valley News & Just Imagine Media


"The Beatunes are an incredible Beatles tribute band that seem - on the surface - to be a very not-so-traditional tribute group. However, they play Beatles music that is smokin' HOT! Wildly faithful, and it would be easy to imagine the original four lads sounding just like The Beatunes. So much fun, you need to see this band."

From Our Fans...


"We love it! We sing and dance every time. It's just so much fun!"





"It's such fun music. We see them whenever we can, and The Beatunes have just as much fun as we do!"




"It's refreshing not to see them trying to BE The Beatles, but just playing homage to the music."




"The energy is infectious! We love seeing them! They have a great time doing what they do, and it spreads to the audience. You just can't go wrong!"




"They actually respect the music, and are together because of it. We bring our friends, and they bring their friends...and we all agree."




"Please share with your wonderful group how much Bill and I enjoyed the Friday evening at the Steel Pit!! I am now a total fan!! I can't wait for the next one and I have several friends who hopefully will join us in attending! Everyone loves The Beatles, and you guys did such a fantastic job of re-creating them! all were equally fabulous! Thanks so much!"



"I, along with the rest of the world, can never tire of The Beatles music, especially when it's played live! It must be so much fun for you and band-mates to play it and sing it and perform it so well. Thanks again very much for your musicality and for doing your part to spread the cheery Beatles' worldview! We hope to see you again along the way."



"Love these guys sound. Speaking as a musician and lifelong Beatles fan, I have stayed away from all the 'costumed' look alike Beatles cover bands because they just appear cartoonish. But today I was introduced to the SOUND of The Beatunes. For a moment in time I was able to close my eyes and pretend I was listening to John, Paul, George and Ringo. I was brought to tears as they played 'Here Comes the Sun' just as the clouds parted and rays of light broke thru illuminating the event. Seems the universe and I agree, The Beatunes have the sound and soul to bring light into the dark. I'll tell my whole FB world "if you want to rock out, remember when Love was all you need and life was just copacetic...GO SEE THESE GUYS. You will feel better. These musicians are the closest you will ever get to experiencing the sound of our beloved 'boys from Liverpool.' Don't miss out on the feeling. Love and Peace hippie style..."


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